If you are getting ready or planning to move shortly, whether it’s to a new neighbourhood in your state, or across the country, there are several types of moving companies and moving services available for you. Understanding the kind of moving services you need will not only help you know how to approach your move but help you select the right mover to handle your relocation. Here we give you a small tutorial on the different kinds of moving services and moving companies there are.

Local Moves

A move is considered local if it meets the following two criteria:

It should originate and end in the same state.
The total distance must be at a certain distance as determined by individual movers. A typical industry standard that most moving companies go by is 50-100 miles.
Local moving companies charge by the staff-hour. Moving companies will give you a per-hour price for one person. Depending on how many people you need to carry out your move, the cost will vary

Long Distance Moves/Interstate Moves

When you are moving to a different state or moving across the country, your move will be classified as a long distance one. These are also referred to as Interstate Moves as you are moving across state lines. Unlike a local move, interstate moves are not priced by the hour. Instead, their price is determined by the total weight of the shipment.

There are two types of long-distance moving options for you to consider:

Full-Service Movers – A full-service move is one where mover does all the work for you. Packing, loading, driving the truck, unloading items at the destination and even unpacking.
Self Service Movers – In a self-service move, you’ll do the packing yourself, and the mover takes care of the loading, driving and unloading part.

Caution: A lot of moving companies will try to quote you a price based on cubic feet (i.e. the amount of space your shipment takes on the truck). Beware of such pricing as it is very easy for the price to fluctuate depending on how the movers arrange your items in the truck. A reputable and professional moving company will always give the price based on the weight of the shipment.

International Moves

As you can make out of the name, an international move is one that goes from one country to another. Moves to Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico are also considered international moves. Moving internationally is most complicated because you have to deal with the customs process as well as the policies and regulations of your destination country. Make sure you chose an experienced international mover. International movers usually determine the cost of your move based on the volume of your shipment. Here the loads are measured in cubic feet or cubic meters.

Auto Transport

There are times when you need to ship a car if you are needing a local move or across the country or really long-distance, or you bought a car from some far away location. This is when you will need specialised auto transport companies. Auto transport companies give you two options when shipping your vehicle: open-air trailer and closed trailers. You’ve probably seen the open-air trailers, packed with cars, driving on the highway. Closed containers offer better protection for your vehicle as it is kept out of the elements like air, rain, snow, etc. However, it is more expensive than the open-air trailer.

We hope that this guide will help you classify your local move or interstate move into the right category and help you choose the right moving company to assist you.

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