Moving interstate takes a lot of careful planning and effort. Removalist and self storage companies will assist you during the move, but before you even get to that point it is just as well to be prepared. Let’s take a look at some easy to follow tips to make your interstate move successful and pleasant.

Start planning your move several months in advance. If you are renting make sure you confirm the date on which your tenancy will end with your real estate agent. If you have sold your house you should know the settlement date and make your plans accordingly.

Make a list of things that you will need to transfer interstate with you, like school records of your children, medical and dental records, plus of course financial records. You will need to notify your bank of your change of address.

Make a list of bills that will be outstanding after your move like the telephone electricity and gas. These can sometimes be lost in the mail and you should contact your utility service provider to make sure all bills are paid.

Make an inventory of all items in your house. You need to provide as much detail as possible in the event of an insurance claim, but it is also useful for your personal records in any case.

Book the cleaners to move into your property after you have moved to make sure it is up to standard and meets your tenancy or contractual obligations.

If you are moving to temporary premises in your new location, make sure you pack the items that you will need into separately marked cartons. Only pack items that you do not intend to use into the other cartons which will go into storage. Don’t forget to take all personal items like make up, necessary clothing, footwear, jewellery and other valuables, cameras and computers that you will be using immediately.

Only use the best quality storage cartons made of double layer cardboard that can stand the rigours of a move. Remember that your personal items may have to be loaded and unloaded several times before they reach their final destination, and with cheap or flimsy packaging, damage can occur. Also, make sure each box is labelled so that you know which room each box will belong to, and also number each box and keep a running total so that you can The boxes in at the other end.

On the day of the move make sure you do a thorough check of the premises before you leave to make sure absolutely everything has been removed. Don’t forget garden implements like hoses which may have remained attached to outside taps.

Wherever possible it is a good idea to look after your removalist on the day with a selection of cold or warm drinks were appropriate. Keeping your removalist onside will not only ensure you enjoy the day but they will probably be more careful with your valuable furniture!

By following these simple steps your move into self storage or new premises in another state not only pleasant but more efficient as well.

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