Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – How Can We Help You?

Executive Class Moving AZ provides customers with a smooth, stress-free moving experience. We constantly aim to answer all questions and keep you educated about the moving process. Here we’ve assembled a list of quick and simple answers to some of the most common moving related questions we hear every day.

Furthermore, if you don’t see your question listed, don’t hesitate to email us. You can also give us a ring at Toll Free: 800-760-6106 | Local: 480-409-2088 and we’ll put you on the right track.

Why Use Executive Class Moving AZ?

Moving across the country can be a daunting task, particularly if you find yourself in between homes for an extended period of time. You must consider many factors when moving long distances, such as securely wrapping and packing your goods and where to store your belongings if you cannot move into your new home right away. Executive Class Moving AZ can take care of all these services for you.  Our movers work with the utmost care to pack and store your belongings to prepare them for long distance moves. We only use high quality packing boxes and materials to pack all your valuable household items and we provide complete liability coverage and address all the risks associated with moving. We are fully insured and will provide full replacement value protection against scratching or misplacement of all your valuable items, in the rare case this occurs. Additionally, we operate a large fleet of moving trucks and trailers to make your pick up or delivery a timely, efficient and stress-free process. Executive Class Moving AZ is an Arizona moving company; we are not brokers and we will serve you and complete all aspects of your relocation from A to Z.

How Does Executive Class Moving AZ charge?

For starters we determine the rate (price per cubic foot) by the distance you are traveling. After such we either estimate the cubic footage of your move by the amount of rooms in your home or itemized inventory list if you provided one. We can also retrieve dimensions of the items in your home and get a better idea on the cubic footage. Packing services, special packing and other additional services may require additional cost. Ask your relocation specialist about any additional cost you may face today. Executive Class Moving AZ accepts cashier checks, major credit cards, money orders and cash payments.

How Do I Schedule a Move With Executive Class Moving AZ?

If you are interested in a long distance or local move, you may call Executive Class Moving AZ at Toll Free: 800-760-6106 | Local: 480-409-2088 or email us here to request service. If you prefer, you may just input your information into our quick quote online, and one of our moving consultants will call you within 24 hours. When requesting moving services, please book one to two weeks in advance of your actual move date. Please also keep in mind that during peak service periods, you may need to book even further in advance to ensure timely moving service.

What should we take with us?

Whether you are flying or driving, chances are you're going to arrive before us possibly by days. It is wise to bring some type of bedding for you and your family (blow up mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows etc.). A sufficient amount of clothing and kitchenware is another common necessity. You may also want to bring some type of entertainment and toiletry (shampoo, conditioner, soaps, body washes, toilet paper, towels etc.) to make your transition easier.

When and how do I safely pay for my move?

Payment works in three stages:

  1. In order to reserve the move and guarantee you a spot on our shipping calendar, we require a deposit ($100 for moving out of Colorado, Ohio or California, $200 for all other states).  This fee is deducted from your total and completely refundable up to 48 hours prior to your move. Payment can be made over the phone using a credit/debit card or you can mail a check to our office. We require a deposit of $100.
  2. On the day of pickup 60% of the balance is due.  This balance can be paid with cash, credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx or Discover), personal check, cashier's check or a money order.
  3. The final balance (40%) is due at the time of delivery. Method of payment must be in CASH or POSTAL MONEY ORDER FROM THE POST OFFICE. However if you need to pay the final balance by credit/debit card, we can arrange it at a 5% handling charge.
What kind of insurance does a moving company provide?

By Federal Law, a moving company MUST provide you a Limited Liability Coverage of $0.60 per lb. per article (which is standard and included in your price). There are several other options which you can choose from to insure your goods with a full coverage:

  1. Renters insurance - Should you have.
  2. Home owners insurance - Should you have.
  3. (Toll Free: 800-760-6101 | Local: 480-409-2088) or any other third party insurance company.
  4. Through your moving company.
How will my items be protected?

Our movers arrive with padded blankets and unlimited tape to secure your items at no additional cost. If you do not wish to pay additional material fees we find sheets to be an excellent improvisation to provide additional protection prior to padded blankets being applied. We provide additional services at a small fee to cover material and labor. For example we can wrap a king size mattress with bubble wrap and foam padding for just $40. Ask a relocation specialist about special packing today.

Do you disassemble furniture?

Yes. Anything that you have which can be disassembled – bed frames, tables, bookshelves, desks etc – we will gladly take care of! Disassembling and re-assembling your furniture is all part of your estimate.

Does the estimate includes you packing boxes?

Our basic estimates do not include the packing of your boxed items, nor the boxes themselves. We would expect all boxes to be packed and sealed by the time our movers arrive. We can supply these services to you at an additional cost.

How are estimates based on space better than those based on weight?

Fixed dimensions of items do not fluctuate as easily as weight. For example a Queen Size bed frame will usually always have the measurements of every other Queen Sized bed. However the weight of the frame differs tremendously depending on the materials used. This can result in another company charging you a needlessly excessive amount for an item.

I have to be out of my home soon but haven't found a place. Where am I going?

Many people moving long distance find the need to stay with family or reserve a hotel room temporarily upon arrival to their new state of residence. Depending on the distance you are traveling, there are a number of ways Executive Class Moving AZ can accommodate these issues. The distance factors in regarding delivery time. If it will take us 2 or 3 weeks to deliver in any case, you may have enough time to establish residence. Otherwise we can delay delivery by utilizing your 30 days of free storage or temporary warehousing in a climate controlled facility.

I couldn't sell my home. What happens now?

Buyers backing out of a sale last minute happens far too often and Executive Class Moving AZ understands that. Sometimes things just don't go as planned. You can utilize our cancellation policy to retrieve a refund or continue to work with your relocation specialist until you sell your home. If you schedule the sale of your home it is wise to schedule your pickup date more than 7 days after the selling date. This allows you to guarantee a refund upon cancellation.

How can I cancel my move?

Executive Class Moving AZ has a 10 day cancellation policy. This means you can cancel your move and retrieve 90% of your deposit minus processing fees 10 days or more from your earliest reserved pickup date. Full disclosure: many customers have been known to push their move dates back to remain out of the 10 day window. You can always do so if you are uncertain as to whether or not the move will take place. See Refund Policy details.

Can I store my items for a short period of time?

When making a reservation with Executive Class Moving AZ you are automatically entitled up to 30 days of free storage. If you would like your items to be stored for less than 30 days after pickup we have you covered. We'll simply have your items moved to one of our vast network of climate controlled warehouses and delay your delivery accordingly.

How can I change my move date?

When you make a reservation with Executive Class Moving AZ we prefer to create a 3 to 7 day pickup window to accommodate both the customer and the mover with flexibility. If your move date has changed and is beyond that window please try to give us two weeks notice and we should have no problem accommodating your needs. If you are unable to do so Executive Class Moving AZ  will do everything in its power to get you picked up, even if it means tapping into our network of fellow movers.

What is a binding Estimate?

A binding moving estimate protects you from last minute increases in rates by locking in your current rate (e.g $3.50 per cubic foot). Keep in mind the rate is the amount per cubic foot you were quoted. This does not mean your cost cannot increase. If your cubic footage increases your cost will increase according to the binding rate you were locked into (e.g $3.50 per cubic foot). If your cubic footage decreases because you decided to leave some items behind your cost will decrease according to the same rate. You're simply locked into the rate which ultimately protects the customer. Additional services may also result in additional cost.

How long does delivery usually take?

By Department of Transportation policy we must disclose that we have up to 21 days to deliver your belongings and our drivers are not permitted to drive more than 500 miles per day. Although this is rarely the case. If you are traveling under 1,000 miles you can expect your items in less than 10 days. Up to 1,500 miles can take up to 14 days. Up to 2,000 miles can take as long as 17 days. Anything more can take as long as 21 days. Keep in mind these ranges are based on internal research, warehouse operations, weather conditions and other unexpected delays.

Can I move my plants?

Executive Class Moving AZ cannot provide sufficient water and sunlight for plants and thus cannot accept responsibility for them. We can, on the other hand, transport artificial plants. Also keep in mind that certain states do not allow the entry of certain plants. Contact the County Clerk's office in the state you plan on moving to for additional information.

Can I move my motorcycle?

Absolutely! Simply drain the fuel and we'll handle the rest. We can also crate your motorcycle for extra protection for a small fee.

Can I move my jewelry or other valuables?

Executive Class Moving AZ can transport items of high value. Generally items with a value of $100 per pound or more are items of extraordinary value. In order to protect these items we recommend you inform us of them, include them in the inventory list on the bill of lading, take photos of them prior to packing, tag them with the owner, value and current condition listed and finally: insure them.