Executive Class VIP Move

Who says moving has to be complicated

Eliminating Unnecessary Moving Stress

We are happy to announce that we have recently launched our new Executive Class VIP Moving Service!

With regards to the neighborhood or long-haul moving, the procedure can be extremely upsetting; commonly, clients must manage a few parts of their turn themselves despite the fact that they have contracted a moving organization. In the middle of packing the things, cleaning floor coverings, stacking boxes, managing claims, deals reps and drivers, unloading, discarding boxes, pressing materials and junk at the destination…often the customer is left with considerably more work than they anticipated, making included anxiety and bother amid their officially distressing moving knowledge.

Official Class Moving AZ made the Executive Class VIP Relocations Program to take out additional worry for customers. The Executive Class VIP Relocations Program is a full-benefit, white-glove move that covers all parts of an individual or business migration, and substantially more! This full-benefit VIP moving project is intended to give movement answers for anyone who needs moving administrations, however, does not have room schedule-wise and add capacity to arrange or administer each period of the procedure.

Customers using our Executive VIP Relocations Program will enjoy a complete, worry-free moving experience, including the following:

  1. We will convey an on location estimator to your home or office to decide your particular migration needs and tailor an interview towards your turn. Our estimator at that point will give you a binding cost due to the rundown of things to be moved and moving administrations required! This price is official and won’t change all through the moving procedure.
  2. From the purpose of booking through the real move and conveyance dates, the appointed estimator will organize each part of your turn all the way, so you don’t have to team up with different purposes of contact, for example, benefit reps, dispatchers, drivers et cetera!
  3. Executive Class Moving AZ will give a team of experienced and expert packers and truck loaders to deal with your merchandise from indicating A point B securely, safely and productively.
  4. We give our own moving and pressing supplies to cover and ultimately secure the greater part of your possessions all through the moving procedure. Take a load off while we pack everything for you!
  5. Our moving experts secure, as well as assess and protect the greater part of your effects and certification a full esteem substitution or repair if fundamental. You don’t have to stress over the likelihood of harmed or missing things amid your turn; Executive Class Moving AZ has you secured.
  6. Executive Class Moving AZ will furnish you with updates by telephone or email of the migration procedure until the full finish of your move.
  7. We guarantee the cleanliness of your old home or office! If necessary, we will get any administration essential on our cost to secure your dividers, covers and floors are perfect and looking awesome. We contract cover or potentially tile and grout cleaning central departments and extra charges may apply for extraordinary (concoction) administrations.
  8. Executive Class Moving AZ will send a cleaning team to your goal point to clean the premises preceding move-in. At the point when the area is move-in prepared, we will empty and unload the greater part of your assets and family things in their assigned rooms and zones. Next, we expel all undesirable boxes, pressing materials, waste and moving supplies from your new home or office.
  9. Executive Class Moving AZ will make your home a home, we collect all furniture, hang up photographs and improvements, attach TVs and gadgets, ensure the beds are prepared to utilize, all garments are hanging in wardrobes and your kitchen things are put by your direction into their assigned cupboards! You should simply stroll in and make the most of your new home when you utilize Executive Class Moving AZ.
  10. Lastly, Executive Class Moving AZ will set you up with our reliable and trusted Realator to help facilitate the sale and or purchase of your home

Call now for a free onsite consultation for our Executive Relocation Services! Toll Free: (800)760-6106 | Local: (480)409-2088


What Our Customers are Saying:

“I just used Executive Class Moving AZ from Colorado to Fort Lauderdale. It was an exceptionally smooth move with competent and courteous movers on both ends. I was moving my cherished piano and other personal “treasures” and all were packed to perfection and handled with care. They kept to their time table and they kept to the price quoted. I highly recommend them. “

Doris J. Richman

“Last month, I took the assistance of Executive Class Moving AZ. My experience with them is simply amazing. Their relocation specialists are very supportive and courteous. I really want to thank them for making my move easy.”¬†

Corey N. Jorgenson